For a Stronger and Empowered Africa

Help raise the consciousness of Africans everywhere that 400 years have gone by and that the journey
to change and deliverance must be escalated.
Organize 2,000 to 20,000 Africans in America (and the Americas) to journey with us to Africa in 2019
and the next several years.
Plan and execute a series of mobilization rallies/revival events in the US, Caribbean, and Europe as part
of the clarion call for full engagement and participation.
Plan several conferences in Africa that will bring together business, clergy, government and community
leaders for networking, new business linkages and partnerships.
Plan rallies/revival gatherings in Africa with local participants to welcome those coming home and reinforce
the message of Africa rising and impacting the world.
Plan a culminating event in South Africa for thousands of participants. This “HOMECOMING” event will
educate, inform, motivate, and inspire action, and will be a dramatic and dynamic display of Africans
and friends of Africa coming together in an act of global solidarity and a journey beyond the pain and
struggles of the past.
To uplift Africa’s children and support the underprivileged by ensuring that all events and activities include
strong humanitarian engagement. All participants on this journey will be encouraged to contribute
to a special fund, and those unable to join the 2019 trip will be asked to contribute as we raise funds to
support local social service organizations in all the countries we will visit.