Africans across the globe are as diverse as the globe itself. They speak many languages, practice many cultures, and cover the full scope of socio-economic, spiritual, and political stratification

Not one formula can fully describe the Africa diaspora. They are African-Americans, African-Latinos, Black-Brazilians, Black-Canadians, West Indians, Afro-Europeans, and outside of Africa they are called continental Africans if they migrated from the continent to other parts of the world. This powerful group of Africans numbers more than 200 million, and has a spending power that is almost half of Africa’s Gross Continental Product (GCP). The African Union (AU) has added Diaspora Africa as the Sixth Region – in addition to Northern¬†Africa, Western Africa, Eastern Africa, Central Africa, and Southern Africa.

While this African diaspora is beyond our scope, The DOOR initiative is committed to linking as many Africans across the diaspora as possible. The chart below defines, in broad terms, the specific areas that the movement will engage, based on resource and capacity, but remains open as broad as outreach as possible, including Brazil and other parts of the Americas.